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"My wedding was the best day of my life! I couldn't have asked for a better photographer to capture every moment of the day. The entire 'story' of my wedding was beautifully portrayed in the hundreds of pictures Ray took. He even managed to get family members who hated one another to stand side by side and smile! It meant a lot to have a photographer who truly cared about making sure everything was the way I wanted it, and then some. My album is stunning. Ray had me pick my pictures, and made sure everything was to my likely before completing the album. I am so glad he was recommended to me!"
Catherine Lederer
"I Loved These Guys! Ray is honest and fair. They were very affordable for both pics and video. I wasn't the bossy bride type, but had I been I would have specified who they were to interview for the video at the reception. I made him "edit out" one of the interviews. That's all. They did everything so nicely I didn't have a care! I didn't even notice the videographer all day, but he captured some great moments!"
"They should change their name to affordable and exceptional photo and video. They were awesome! After interviewing several photographers who wanted over $5K for photos and video, we came across Ray. He has very affordable packages and does both photo and video, so that saved us from having to hire a video guy separately. He also signs a release so you can print your pictures anywhere. His team was also awesome; Ray, Katy and David were fun and easy to work with. I highly recommend you contact Ray and save the endless researching of photographers."
"My Wedding album is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much. You do great work! I'd recommend you for sure and mention you to each future bride that I meet."

Wedding Photo Checklist

Download this handy printable checklist of traditional wedding day shots to share with your wedding planner or discuss with your wedding photographer.
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Wedding Video

Yes, photos are fabulous, but video captures things that photos cannot — like your father's speech, your first dance song, and your Maid of Honor's toast. Read more